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When most people think of Tolly Cobbold's brewing operation they probably think of the Cliff Brewery at Ipswich. This imposing building, founded in 1746, is no longer a brewery but it is Grade II Listed and therefore cannot be demolished. Tollemache and Cobbold brewing has occured on at least 5 other sites however and here we attempting to give (eventually) a full account of each.

The Harwich Brewery (2 sites) The history of the Harwich Brewery 1723-1740 and 1863-1876
1723 - About That Date The controversial theory that the Cobbolds didn't start brewing in 1723!
The Cliff Brewery, Ipswich The history of the main Tolly Cobbold brewery
The Ipswich Brewery The Tollemache Brewery in Upper Brook Stree, Ipswich - not yet available
The Essex Brewery The Tollemache Brewery in Walthamstowe - not yet available
The Star Brewery The Tollemache Brewery in Cambridge - not yet available

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