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Research Resources

There are various sources useful to people researching the history of Tolly pubs, breweries and people. Here we have tried to gather together as many pointers as possible but this not an exhaustive list - research often requires that extra leap of imagination. So - if you feel we've missed something please get in touch!


Title Author Published ISBN
Souvenir of the bi-centenary of the Cliff Brewery 1723-1923 Felix Walton 1923  
The Cliff Brewery 1723-1973 Michael Jacobson 1973  
250 Years of Brewing in Ipswich Robert Malster 1996 0952235536

All of these books are, unfortunately, out of print and hard to get hold of. Suffolk Record Office have a copy of Walton's book and those by Jacobson and Malster are available from libraries in Suffolk and Essex. The later two repeat flawed research regarding the early years of the Harwich Brewery but feature good coverage of the Cliff Brewery.

Booklets were published in 1975 (Ed. J. Burrow & Co. Ltd.) and 1983 (Marlett Publishing Co. Ltd.). These had no ISBN numbers and were simply sold as a guide to all Tolly Cobbold pubs. They featured brief histories of the company and adverts for other local firms.

Original Documents

All historical research, at some stage, requires access to original documents. The long and rich history of the Cobbold, Tollemache and Tolly Cobbold breweries and tied estate means that there is plenty to refer to. Certainly the Suffolk Record Office holds a great deal of information regarding the Cliff Brewery as well as the early Harwich years and details of the tied estate. Similarly Essex Record Office and Norfolk Record Office have various holdings which will be of interest to pub researchers. Please see the Internet Links section below for hyperlinks to the various Record Office web-sites. At the time of writing Essex are the only authority to have an online index (SEAX).

Internet Links

Link Comments
Essex Record Office Details of the Harwich Brewery and various pubs. SEAX online index.
Suffolk Record Office Lots on the Cliff Brewery and many pubs. No online index but staff very helpful.
Norfolk Record Office Not tested but probably some pub holdings.
Cobbold Family History Trust Excellent site devoted to the Cobbold Family - including a family tree.

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